Connecting with Prospective Local Cornellians

Our Cornell Ambassador group, CAAAN, that reaches out and connects with high school seniors who are considering Cornell as a college choice, could really use your help.  CAAAN is the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network, a group of nearly 6,900 alumni volunteers who assist the Cornell admissions community in recruiting superior undergraduate applicants.

Locally we have seen a HUGE increase in the # of Cornell applicants – which is really great for both Cornell, and for our local alumni group.

So, we’re having a challenging time keeping up with the large demand of prospective Cornell students that would like to connect with local alumni.

If you’d like to learn more about CAAAN, please let us know – we sure could use your help.  It’s really a blast sitting down with prospective students, having a casual conversation with them, and answering any questions they have about Cornell.

And – if you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be treated like Ezra Cornell himself – you’ve gotta make a CAAAN contact!  The kids will treat you with an unbelievable amount of reverence and respect…like you founded Cornell yourself!

PS: For more information on CAAAN, please visit:  To apply for CAAAN membership, please visit:

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